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A micro home designed by Mandalaki studio to the very last detail. Monocabin is conceived around exploring the intimate space of an individual in order to create the perfect summer getaway.

Monocabin is the combination of an architectural house proposal while showcasing at the same time Mandalaki’s own design collection, and an inspirational space, defined as a small gallery dedicated to limited edition contemporary pieces made by artist friends. Unification here is define as a « laboratory-space » dedicated to all forms of art and life. A place where design is used as a service to guests, to make their experience meaningful and unforgettable In collaboration with Viviane Yazdani, Creative Director.

In the open air

Design spaces and objects around the garden will make our host appreciate even more their outdoor experience.
Functionality and simplicity have been crafted around each corner of the house.

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Staying in Monocabin

An ideal getaway created to be lived rather than just a living space. Monocabin offers an unique stay within this metaphorical holiday house that reflects Mandalaki lifestyle. The space is rhythmed not only with the studio's products but also with other design and artistic interventions providing a source of experience and well-being for the hosts. It becomes a space nourished by the passage of guests, designers, artists, friends with the perspective of a common goal: a return to oneself.

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A habitable art gallery

When art meets design in the setup of an unforgettable stay. The idea of a habitable gallery is to give the space a reason of being beyond a fully functional holiday house. A couple of artists have been invited to make hand-crafted creations for this tailor made space


Each piece of furniture is conceived « made to measure » to make the space a better place to be lived in. Nothing garish, just a proposal with the perspective for our host to return to oneself.

George Kolliopoulos

« The dream was to build a livable and modular design object
we could place anywhere in the world sharing our design philosophy. The story had to begin in Rhodes, my home island. » - 
George Kolliopoulos, co-founder and designer at Mandalaki.


Monocabin is situated in a strategic point on the island. Not only is it in Ialisos, the most upscale residential area of Rhodes but also within easy reach of the airport, the city center and its port. Most important, it is only a 200 meters walk to the beach and its crystal clear waters.

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Rhodes on a plate. Steeped in history and lapped by the Mediterranean sea, Greece is home to some of the finest ingredients in the world. The culinary beauty of Rhodes is not only about the variety of dishes from traditional to gourmet but enjoying local ingredients such as fresh fish, meats, vegetables and fruits from the island itself, a rarity among the other islands.

Why we love it?

A 26 m2 house designed down to the very last detail. It’s extravagant of comfort and kindness.

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Give yourself and your loved ones a gift from the hotel where you are staying. Order on-line and enjoy delivery anywhere. Check the offer we have prepared today.


Give yourself and your loved ones a gift from the hotel where you are staying. Order on-line and enjoy delivery anywhere. Check the offer we have prepared today.

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