Data Protection Statement

Booking Escape UG (limited liability) Germany

(status as on 04 April 2017)

Booking Escape UG tries to ensure the best possible data protection for its clients. While collecting, processing and using your personal data, we strictly follow legal regulations. This statement is the information for our clients as to what personal data we collect, how we process and use it.

1. Subject matter of this data protection statement

This data protection statement is applicable to bookingescape.com website kept by Booking Escape UG. This data protection statement regulates only the method of handling your personal data by Booking Escape UG. With respect to personal data provided at your request to any persons offering services, after the moment of passing it on only the terms and conditions regarding data protection followed by the third party are applicable.

2. Responsible entity

The entity responsible as understood by the German personal data protection act is Booking Escape UG (limited liability)

Am Langenbruchbach 14,

40668 Meerbusch,


phone: + 49 2150 96 41 699

e-mail: info@bookingescape.com

3. Consent of the client

With respect to the use of your data, valid statutory regulations, in particular of the German personal data protection act and telemedia act, shall be applicable. Booking Escape UG (limited liability) will each time ask clients for their express consent to use the data for a purpose for which pursuant to the law the consent of the client is required. You can each time cancel any consent issued with regard to the future and/or object to use of your data in the future.

4. Data collection

Bookingescape.com website kept by Booking Escape UG can be basically used without giving any personal data. Our clients independently make the decision whether they want to give their personal data to Booking Escape UG or persons offering places of accommodation and restaurants. If you decide to contact any persons offering places of accommodation, restaurants, or services and goods connected with them, then it will be necessary to provide specific personal data for this purpose.

Within this scope, Booking Escape UG requests you to give your first and last name, address, e-mail and other personal data which can be posted by the bookingescape.com webite.

5. Data utilisation

Booking Escape UG uses personal data of the client as a part of provision of inquiries to the persons offering the places of accommodation, restaurants, services and goods connected with them, and as part of settlement of accounts for its services rendered for the offering persons.

Apart from this, we reserve ourselves the right to write your first name, last name, postal address and additional data – if you made them available to us – in the form of summaries and to use them for our own advertising purposes e.g. to send interesting offers and information by mail. You can at any time oppose to writing and using your data for these purposes by sending an appropriate message to the contact address given below.

If we received your email address in connection with a contact with the persons offering the place of accommodation and restaurants and you did not oppose to it, we reserve ourselves the right to regularly send you offers ad information concerning the places of accommodation and restaurants by e-mail. You can at any time oppose to using your e-mail address for these purposes by sending an appropriate message to the contact address given below or using a link intended for this purpose included in the advertising email. The above shall not generate any additional costs apart from the costs of sending the message according to the basis fee schedule.

6. Transfer of data

Booking Escape UG passes on personal data to any third parties only as a part of transfer of inquiries to persons offering the places of accommodation, restaurants, services and goods connected with them.

7. Deleting and blocking of data

If Booking Escape UG does not need your data for any of the indicated purposes, this data will be deleted.

Booking Escape UG can block any data necessary to fulfil any existing legal, statutory or contractual periods of storage.

Such data will be not available for further use.

8. Data safety

Booking Escape UG shall take actions aimed at protection of your personal data from undesirable access to them, loss, misuse or damage.

9. Information about recorded data

The clients of Booking Escape UG shall have the right to free information regarding their recorded data and possibly the right to correct, block or delete it. For this purpose, you can approach us as a responsible organisation indicated in clause 2. Any data required for reconciliation and accounting purpose is excluded from the option of blocking or deleting.

10. Using of cookies

In order to make your activity on our website more attractive and allow the use of certain functions, we use cookies on various websites. They are small text files saved on your machine. Some of the cookies used by us are deleted after finishing the work with the browser that is after closing it (so called session file). Other cookies remain on your machine and allow us or partners cooperating with us to recognise your browser again in another session (permanent cookies files). You can also configure your browser in such a way to be informed about creation of cookies and in each case decide about acceptance of them or prevent saving of cookies in specific cases or in general. If cookies are not saved, functionality of our website may be restricted.

11. Using of Google Analytics for internet analysis

Our websites makes use of Google Analytics which is a service designed for analysis of internet activity of Google Inc. („Google“). Google Analytics uses cookies, text files which are saved on your computer, and allow the analysis regarding the utilisation of the website by you. Information generated by cookies concerning utilisation of this website is usually transferred and saved on a Google server in the United States. In the case of activation of the function of an anonymous IP on our website, your IP address will be previously shortened by Google in the territory of the European Union member states or in other countries belonging to the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional situations, the full IP address will be transferred to the Google server in the USA and only there it will be shortened. At the request of an operator from this website, Google will use this information to analyse your activity on the website, prepare reports from this activity and perform other services connected with utilisation of the website and network for the website operator. IP address transferred from your browser within Google Analytics actions will not be linked to other Google data. You can prevent saving of cookies by appropriate configuring of your browser software; please note that in such a case not all functions of this website may be available within a full scope. Apart from this, you can prevent registration of data generated by cookies and concerning utilisation of the website by you (including your IP address) and processing of these data by Google by downloading and installing the browser extension available under the following link. The current link is http://tools.google.com/dlpage....

12. Subscription of the newsletter, statement about expressing a consent

In subscription of the newsletter, the client’s e-mail address subject to his consent to using for one’s own advertising purposes will be used. The address will be used until the moment of cancelling the newsletter’s subscription. By subscribing to the newsletter, you gave us an express consent as follows and we registered this consent. Consent to sending the advertisement by e-mail I would like to subscribe the newsletter concerning selected places of accommodation and restaurants (cancellation is possible at any time).

Data protection

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