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Booking Exclusive aims at realizing the undertaking we have considered for a long time: selecting among the numerous wonderful places in Poland those which, in our opinion, are the best, and present you solely with elite hotels and restaurants distinguished by great interiors, sophisticated cuisine, special climate or their complete uniqueness. Each hotel or restaurant, starting from those offering a typical family atmosphere, through traditional and modern facilities, to those maintained in an exclusive style, is one of a kind and unique. Our selection was based on carefully defined criteria and a strict and independent examination. Since most of the facilities are unique places, we decided to resign from classifying them according to any categories.

According to the adopted classification, next to a luxurious hotel you may find a facility that has not been categorized, however its location in the middle of an enormous park is especially charming, though it might offer less comfort and a narrower scope of services. Still, both the hotels may be equally attractive. We encourage you to explore the unique places and landscapes, taste the excellent and sophisticated cuisine, live through a wonderful, unforgettable adventure and, above all, experience the hosts’ exceptional hospitality. Membership in the Poland Exclusive Programme will ensure you the access to what is best in Poland – the real beauty of nature, tradition, romanticism and the famous hospitality – all combined with exclusive lodgings and the finest service. Poland Exclusive satisfies the expectations of the most demanding clientele by providing them with the unique opportunity of discovering our amazing and romantic country. We would be really glad if you could also enrapture the beauty of our motherland. May be it will happen soon... Best regards Konrad Taube

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